Wedding Season Begins (with poetry, of course)

This mornings prompt include an Epithalamium (a wedding poem) and a visitor poem.  I am discovering I like to combine prompts as one is not enough direction and form for me, but two create a challenge, a new world.  Kind of like thos 24-hr movies that give 5 parameters.  Anything less would be just like sitting down and writing from ‘inspiration.’  I have little of that lately.

A wedding poem.  My first thought was that God really loves to laugh at me, to mock me, to say something like “I hear you, Lisa, but I am not going to do what you want until it is my idea.”  Sounds all too familiar.   I wrote a poem where I am visiting my own wedding.   It is one of those where poetry seems to cross to far into thearapy and there (or maybe it is the confessional critics voice that I, particuarly as a woman writer, cannot purge completely from my head).

However, I remembered I wrote this poem.  I was the visitor at Khadija Anderson’s wedding (another fabulous poet) and wrote a wedding poem for her, her husband, and their lovely family.   I guess that means I can finish my coffee and continue on my roadtrip knowing day three poem is out.


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