One Pose at a Time

For lent this year, I decided to add something that would deepen my relationship to God (which is the point of lent, if you didn’t know) rather than give things up.

In the stress and exhaustion of the long to commute to my former middle school job, in the constant battle to overcome feelings of moving backwards, I lost my yoga practice over six months.

Therefore, I decided the what I needed to give up/add in was inertia/yoga.   I kept it simple and totally doable:  I would do something yoga each day, even if it was one pose or breathing with intention for ten minutes.

What I found is that it is that one pose that is most difficult, that has kept me from practicing.  Or rather, if I need to do an hour long practice, I can’t even start that first pose.  However, if I enter it as just one pose for the day, I find that my body awakes and craves not another glass of wine or coffee to trick it into being alive, but another pose.  That pose leads to another pose.  Which may be really difficult and I hear my vertebrae pop and release and then, I feel how locked my hip is, leading to another pose to find equal relief.

Then it is an hour later.  One pose at a time.  One word after another.  One moment.  Maybe I will make it through this …


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