Saying “I do” (via Body of Work)

This is from a fellow Antiochian writer. It reminded me (thanks Marya) that this writing thing  I am doing is a commitment and just because it gets a bit rough at times is not an excuse to neglect it.  Yes, I realize there may be larger commitment issues going here (for me, not Marya), but this is not that type of blog. At least not yet.

I used to keep a note taped above my desk that said, “Don’t confuse excitement (temporary) with passion (commitment).” I am a real sucker for novelty, and I tend to get caught up in the whirlwind of excitement that surrounds new ideas and pursuits. I put the reminder on a 4×6 slip of paper in sharpie marker when I realized that I had a tendency to chuck the old for the new, essentially cheating on my true love for the sake of a fleeting thrill. I … Read More

via Body of Work


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